Our History & Founders

In 1843, the establishing of a private cemetery which could be increased in extent as occasion might require, and would be permanent and not liable to be abandoned and neglected.  For this purpose they organized under the statutues of the State a company incorporated as the Exeter Cemetery Association.  Dr. D.W. Gorham, Amos Tuck, Henry F. French, James Burley and Charles C.P. Moses were the principal promoters of the scheme.

They procured a lot of land and laid it out for the purpose.  The lots found purchasers readily, and the cemetery has now been in use for more than forty years.  It is situated somewhat too near the village, perhaps, but the successive enlargements which have increased its dimensions to thirty acres or more, have all been in the opposite direction.  It is well planted with trees and shrubs, and is an attractive spot.  Much good takes has been manifested in the fitting and ornaments of the lots, and in the monuments erected upon them.  The late William P. Moulton was at his decease president of the Association, Charles Burley is the treasurer, and William H. Belknap the secretary.

~ from The History of Exeter by Charles Bell, 1888

James Burley Head Stone
Amos Tuck
Henry F. French
C.C.P Moses Head Stone
Dr. D. W. Gorman Head Stone
(Portrait Photos shared from Wikipedia)
The Exeter Cemetery would like to give special thanks to Louella Sue Page Mazalewski for her hard work and dedication in documenting the names of people that were buried from 1843 to 1950. Louella started this documenting process in Aug. 1995 and finished April 1998. This unselfish act was done on a voluntary basis and she was not compensated by the Exeter Cemetery. Louella spent every free moment she had on this project. The Exeter Cemetery Greatly appreciates all of Louella’s hard work in the important task of documenting the names and locations of our deceased. 
A book was published of her findings called The Exeter “New” Cemetery (1843-    ) Exeter, NH, Volume 1, Lots 1-500 
by Louella Sue Page Mazalewski

A copy of the book is available in the Nancy Carngie Merrill Reference Room at the Exeter Library.